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    1  General Category / General Forum / The ease of getting our work completed with computers on: November 05, 2012, 11:27:29 pm
    Modern digital inventions such as computers and printers have made it possible for people to complete their tasks speedily and efficiently. When computers were first introduced it was only possible to carry out simple tasks such as creating a word document or checking for one’s e-mails because of the lack of multiple features.  The heavy tasks in an office however had to have computers that were capable of accomplishing more serious tasks and it was for this that the workstation computer was designed.

    A workstation computer is one that is connected to a server or a mainframe and had more capabilities than the desktop those days.  But the modern desktop is equally powerful and comes with all the features that enable it to carry out similar tasks as the workstation. Although it comes nowhere close to multimedia as far as gaming is concerned, a workstation computer can be upgraded because most of them have inbuilt graphics and a sound card.

    Whatever computer you use will have a motherboard which is where you have all the important components located and connected to each other. The quality of the chipset fixed to the motherboard will affect the performance of your computer to a great extent. Therefore, even if you’re on a tight budget, cheap motherboard is not recommended because it will have a low quality chipset. It’s better to cut down costs from another angle rather than going for a cheap motherboard which will provide a negative performance in the long term.

    The hard drive is where all the data we input is stored permanently and if necessary can be  replaced or upgraded for which the computer case has to be opened to take out the old drive. It is also possible to install a secondary drive for additional storage without removing the old drive; but you will have to find a location for the second drive. You might also have to find a matching cable to install the new internal hard drive since the old cable attachments might not be compatible with the new drive.

    Graphics and sound are playing a major role in movies; video and computer games and the need for high quality Graphics card and sound card  have arisen in a big way since of recent. Although most motherboards have built in graphics to handle two dimensional images which are more than adequate for the creation of simple documents and browsing the web, some tasks need more power in their graphics card for which a separate printed circuit board is required. Similarly, a basic sound card is also a printed circuit board that facilities the input and output of audio signals through which we get to hear music, speeches, movie dialogs etc. on our computers.

    The new LED Monitor which was introduced recently has caught on very fast with LED screens providing  perfect pictures for those who love watching movies or playing  the latest games on their computers. The backlighting of the LED Monitor, which is an improved version of LCD back lighting that was in use earlier, offer many benefits to the consumer while helping save space and energy in the long term.
    2  General Category / General Forum / A Few Things to consider when opening a Restaurant on: September 24, 2012, 04:04:52 am
    If you’re thinking of opening a restaurant, one of your major concerns will be finding restaurant furniture in keeping with the ambience of your business.  It’s extremely important to decide beforehand what your customers can expect when they enter your restaurant and this should be the base on which you should build your business and the furniture you buy. If yours is going to be modern in outlook, style and design, there’s no point in buying classic, traditional furniture which is what you should be buying if you plan to open a high class restaurant that would be the ideal setting for elite customers.

    You must always keep in mind that your customers will expect the same standard of service you have input into the design and style of the restaurant and this should be your guide when buying   furniture such as dining chairs and tables as well as other   restaurant furniture.  You can make things easier for yourself by identifying the type of customers you expect to be eating at your place; the type of food they will be expecting; whether its regular or gourmet; how elegant or cheesy looking your furniture is; all of which will go a long way in making your restaurant a great success or a deplorable failure.

    The interior design of the restaurant will also play a major role when deciding on the furniture.  The right type of furniture installed in the bar, dining area, and lounge not to mention the lobby will have an impact on the success or failure of your venture.  People dining at a high end restaurant will expect to be seated at tables and chairs that look exceptionally grand and blending with the rest of the décor in the place. Such dining chairs should be suitably upholstered in quality fabric while the rest of the restaurant furniture such as bar stools and lounge chairs should be in keeping with the general theme of the place.
    If there’s going to be an outdoor dining area, much attention should be given to the furniture you plan to install; such as the quality of the chairs and other outdoor furniture. If it’s to be an easy going laid back kind of place, you can get away by using café chairs instead of heavy, elegant furniture. Even café chairs can be bought from the cheap and cheerful to those that are upholstered in expensive fabrics such as faux or real leather. Once again what you buy will depend on the customers you hope to attract to your restaurant and the atmosphere you wish to create.

    A roadside café for instance will be the ideal place for café chairs that are cheap yet capable of providing a cheery atmosphere that is conducive to a casual get together for tea and cakes or for the young to congregate for snacks and coke.  Such a place would look just right with brightly colored plastic café chairs with chrome frames that can withstand a great deal of wear and tear. Just make sure that the chairs you buy are suitable for the inclement weather since they will mostly be used as outdoor furniture.

    3  General Category / General Forum / Computers Now a Days on: July 15, 2012, 01:40:11 am
    If the speedy evolution of computers is anything to go by, you can never say what new gadget will be out in the market tomorrow. Who would have ever thought the very first gigantic computers would give way to the mobile models of today not to mention the various new features and ease of  using them being widely accepted by each and everyone across the world.

    When the desktop was first introduced it was considered a marvel and although some people looked at it with a great deal of suspicion, it wasn’t long before the majority  wanted to learn how to operate it and suddenly the rush was on for everyone to buy their own desktop for personal use. With the PC gaining widespread acceptance the size of the computer started to shrink while its power increased and very soon these almost brainy machines were taking over the world.

    Those early day computers looked ungainly with their bulky CRT monitors, and huge towers, that were all part of a package which also consisted of a keyboard and a mouse Although the personal computer has not yet been dumped as obsolete, very few people can be seen using them with more and more new users turning their sights to the Laptop and Notebook, mostly because of the ease of carrying them everywhere and also because no one wanted to be identified as an “old nerd” who used a pre-historic desktop computer.

    It was quite sometime after the desktop that the Laptop came on the scene and everyone was going bananas over its futuristic design, its size and its portability calling it one of the greatest inventions ever. It was considered “cool” to hug a sleek looking laptop to your bosom and the obvious glances of envy from onlookers when it was opened in public was enough to keep the owner basking in its glory for days.

    The Notebook followed close on its heels and apart from its cute size and not having a built in CD Rom, there was hardly any difference between the two and being light of weight and smaller than a Laptop, it was considered an ultra portable device that was ideal for travel. Next it was the turn of the Netbook and everyone was going gaga over it because it was the perfect computer for web browsing and light work while being relatively inexpensive and had a very long battery life. Its future however seems to be very uncertain as a result of its ridiculously low 1GB RAM and crammed keyboard being rejected by most consumers looking for something more wholesome.

    It is in this backdrop that one should look at the All in One PC  which has multiple components within one unit and can be simply   plugged into a power source.  Its main disadvantage however is that it cannot be upgraded or customized since its internal hardware is located at the rare of the visual display unit and permanently attached to the motherboard.

    Finally we come to the Mobile PC which continues to flourish with Apple being far ahead of its closest competitor in the field. The Mobile PC better known as the Tablet PC is also a laptop computer but with more functions and a movable touch screen.  Whenever the touch screen is not available a digital pen can be used to write on the screen where handwriting automatically converts to text. If nothing else, they’re smart and neat and the ideal computer for those on the go all the time.
    4  General Category / General Forum / Vital Components of all Computers on: July 15, 2012, 01:34:39 am
    When you plan on buying a new computer, the most important decision you will have to make is how good your Processor is for the work you have in mind. You will have to consider its speed, multitasking abilities and its performance as well as your budget when deciding on the Processor because no matter what else you add to your computer,   unless your Central Processing Unit can offer you quality service it will not be of much use to you.

    Whether you buy a Laptop   or a Netbook, first check what kind of processor it has. The two most popular processors in the market are Intel and AMD with Intel leading the market at present. The tasks you intend performing will also have an impact on the CPU and if they involve lots of 3D graphics and a large cache to diminish memory load, your best option is an Intel Core i7 while the AMD   Phenom Line   is said to be best among their processors.

    Buying a computer today is not as uncomplicated as it used to be earlier because of the wide variety available. The choices are many and you get to choose from desktops, laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks and iTablets which can be very confusing for the uninitiated.  If you prefer a Laptop computer or the smaller, lighter Netbook Computer you might be thinking of their portability features.  The latter has more battery life but less processing power even though its more than adequate for simple tasks such as word processing,  and web browsing. Being small in size the Netbook computer is the ultimate device for portability.

    The Laptop Computer which is also known as the Notebook is also portable but   bigger than the Netbook  while having more processing power similar to that of the Desktop. It has its own screen and built in keyboard and track pad which replaces the mouse.   The modern laptop computer also has exciting new features such Blue Ray disc players, and surround sound among others provided you’re prepared to dole out a considerable amount of money.

    The other component of importance is the Motherboard which provides a platform for the smaller components in a computer to be connected to each other. Most new computers have the motherboard as well as RAM and the Graphics Card built into the machine making it possible for manufacturers to design smaller motherboards. The earlier ones had to be large in size due to the presence of multiple ports to connect peripheral devices apart from the larger size of the CPU as well as the RAM, Video card and Graphics Card.

    The vast improvement in RAM has also made a considerable difference to the overall performance of the computer because unless there is quality RAM the CPU will not provide a smooth performance no matter how fast it is. The new type of motherboard is capable of supporting up to 8 GB RAM which enables the processor to work really fast. Similarly, a Graphics Card with high capacity provides high quality imaging. But computers   that have built in Graphics do not have more than 8 megabytes which makes it imperative for those working with graphics to use an external Graphics card through a slot in the motherboard.
    5  General Category / General Forum / Skinny Jeans: The Best Outfitting For All Seasons on: July 03, 2012, 01:31:36 am
    Among all types of wearing stuff, jeans provide the widest variety to wear on. The beauty that it adds to the dress is not confined to trousers but also other suiting items like shirts, jackets and shorts. Jeans is versatile clothing equally popular all over the world and among both demographics. Skinny jeans and denim jeans are the heart favorite choice of youngsters. If you also like skinny jeans and denim jeans then be known of some pitfalls of this perpetual trend.

    Classic Jeans Material
    Heavy-duty cotton is often not considered suitable for stretching and moving. Rather they are more suitable for protecting skin and being outdoors. Skinny jeans bring a sense of style but at the same time the person feels a little congested while bending the knees and for that reason some individuals don’t like skinny jeans. For such people, classic skinny jeans are not an ideal choice.

    The greatest advantage of Skinny Jeans is that it helps pulling extra bulge in which gives a smart and appealing look to your physique. Denim jeans don’t provide this type of built in protection.

    Stretchy Jeggings
    Nowadays,Denim Jeans also called denim legging or simply jegging is also prepared as a substitute to the real jeans that allows a lot of stretching for comfort. These jeans are available in a large variety of colors however they are not liked by many individuals.

    For heavier builds, the emaciated material will not even out the silhouette. On the other hand, it will magnify every bump that will definitely appear shabby. If you are unable to convince yourself about this shortcoming, then choose the jeggings having real or faux pockets on the back to camouflage or create an illusion.

    Colors Galore
    Some fashions like colorful jeans keep changing. If you find these trends intriguing then go for darker colors so that you may wear them with any shirt. For heavier builds, skinny jeans with dark shades give slim look apart from the ordinary casual black and blue. For people with balanced figure, every color does well but as these are trends, look for a fast fashion store to avoid spending inflated amounts on fads.

    Patterned Jeans
    There are some other fashions introduced for skinny jeans. These fashions mostly come as patterns sewn in. For instance, the motorcycle effect is very trendy these days where different patterns of colored jeans are patterned near the knee area. This helps creating an illusion of motor sport pant along with providing extra protection near and around the joints. Sometimes skinny jeans fail to bring the focus on their legs that some individuals expect. If it happens so, then such people must try denim jeans.

    Whatever are the trends and whatever are the circumstances, skinny jeans remain an outfitting choice. Spending too much on fads is not wise, look for the stores which keep their stocks updated with the latest fashioned jeans. Also take help from the internet and check the latest updates on the famous online stores.
    6  General Category / General Forum / How Server and Storage can simplify our printing jobs on: July 03, 2012, 01:25:24 am
    Printing a document sometime back meant the simple act of connecting your computer to the compatible printer and having the pleasure of seeing your pristine black and white or color document coming out of the machine in seconds. Inventors however are never satisfied with simple things and their business is to go on to create more and more complex machines and equipments that of course makes life easier for us after we have managed to master the way they work.

    It is to this latter category of equipment that the Print Server belongs and has come about with the introduction of WiFi enabled printers that have made it possible   to network your printer as well. This is extremely useful for the office so that you can share your work and document with the rest of the staff by the simple process of adding a printer server box into your network making it possible for everyone in the network to share the printer.  An USB Print Server can not only simplify network printing  but also saves in the long term by eliminating the need to buy supplies for a number of printers and also the space required for multiple printers in a small space.

    A NAS Server or Network Attached Storage is in fact a hard drive that stores and serves data files from several devices.  This is a very helpful system for large companies to have because a NAS Server can centralize the storage of data and eliminate the necessity of having a separate server system for each client.  What a NAS Storage device does is   basically strip down file servers that are dedicated to storing and serving them to multiple systems on a specific network.  The NAS Storage device is usually connected to the network by a wireless system or Ethernet and has its own specialized hardware and own operating systems as well as microprocessors to run the NAS software.

    If the need arises for you to connect a USB inkjet printer or laser printer to an existing wireless network the wireless   printer server will come in very useful, and all you have to do is to connect its USB port to that of your printer port. It’s usual for a Wireless Printer Server to have a USB port and a wireless receiver that enables it to receive signals from the router on the network.  Before the wireless printer server was invented the only way a USB printer could be used by those in the network was by connection the printer to the relevant computer and share it through the operating system.

    Although this was manageable to a certain extent especially in the home, it was not very successful when used in a large office where many print jobs were sent to the printer. There was a general slowing down due to the heavy print load while experiencing many crashes and interruptions to work.  But the introduction of the Network printer server put an end to all these problems wherein a single or multiple USB ports belonging to a network could be added providing both wireless network connectivity as well as wireless printing through the same server.

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