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    The ease of getting our work completed with computers

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    Author Topic: The ease of getting our work completed with computers  (Read 327 times)
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    « on: November 05, 2012, 11:27:29 pm »

    Modern digital inventions such as computers and printers have made it possible for people to complete their tasks speedily and efficiently. When computers were first introduced it was only possible to carry out simple tasks such as creating a word document or checking for oneís e-mails because of the lack of multiple features.  The heavy tasks in an office however had to have computers that were capable of accomplishing more serious tasks and it was for this that the workstation computer was designed.

    A workstation computer is one that is connected to a server or a mainframe and had more capabilities than the desktop those days.  But the modern desktop is equally powerful and comes with all the features that enable it to carry out similar tasks as the workstation. Although it comes nowhere close to multimedia as far as gaming is concerned, a workstation computer can be upgraded because most of them have inbuilt graphics and a sound card.

    Whatever computer you use will have a motherboard which is where you have all the important components located and connected to each other. The quality of the chipset fixed to the motherboard will affect the performance of your computer to a great extent. Therefore, even if youíre on a tight budget, cheap motherboard is not recommended because it will have a low quality chipset. Itís better to cut down costs from another angle rather than going for a cheap motherboard which will provide a negative performance in the long term.

    The hard drive is where all the data we input is stored permanently and if necessary can be  replaced or upgraded for which the computer case has to be opened to take out the old drive. It is also possible to install a secondary drive for additional storage without removing the old drive; but you will have to find a location for the second drive. You might also have to find a matching cable to install the new internal hard drive since the old cable attachments might not be compatible with the new drive.

    Graphics and sound are playing a major role in movies; video and computer games and the need for high quality Graphics card and sound card  have arisen in a big way since of recent. Although most motherboards have built in graphics to handle two dimensional images which are more than adequate for the creation of simple documents and browsing the web, some tasks need more power in their graphics card for which a separate printed circuit board is required. Similarly, a basic sound card is also a printed circuit board that facilities the input and output of audio signals through which we get to hear music, speeches, movie dialogs etc. on our computers.

    The new LED Monitor which was introduced recently has caught on very fast with LED screens providing  perfect pictures for those who love watching movies or playing  the latest games on their computers. The backlighting of the LED Monitor, which is an improved version of LCD back lighting that was in use earlier, offer many benefits to the consumer while helping save space and energy in the long term.
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