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    Computer components that enable the performance of the entire Computer system

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    Author Topic: Computer components that enable the performance of the entire Computer system  (Read 317 times)
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    « on: May 10, 2012, 05:20:30 am »

    There's no doubt that computers fall into the  category of "Impossible to live without" list of electronic items in today's highly developed world of technology. Be that as it may, how many of us have any real knowledge of the inner workings of a computer;  its many components and the technology involved in bringing us  the kind of performance that we have got used to? It is important for us to have at least a basic knowledge of the components integrated into a computer, all which has to come together for the entire system to function properly.

    The motherboard for instance is the soul or foundation of the computer. Simply put, everything that enables a computer to work properly  is attached to the motherboard. It provides a platform for   various other components of the computer to communicate with each other. There are different types of motherboards; classified according to their assembly known as Integrated and Non Integrated.  When components such as sound, graphics, video etc. are built into the motherboard, its called an  Integrated motherboard.  In the non integrated type, the components are fitted individually or when required,  allowing the addition of more components for greater customization such as for gaming and video presentations where high end graphic cards are required. 

    On new motherboards, the sound card and the graphic card is integrated into the motherboard whereas in the older versions, the sound card had to be inserted into a slot allowing power from the motherboard to flow to the card providing sound for various applications such as audios, videos, presentations and games. The new sound card which is  a chip, has the capacity to serve as a music studio as well and can produce awesome sound quality while an external card can add to its performance.

    If the motherboard is considered the soul of the computer, the RAM can be called the brain which has a vital role to play in the functioning of the computer. RAM or Random Access Memory is the component that provides the necessary data for processing and regardless of the speed of your central processing unit (CPU), it will not be able to perform at high speed unless the capacity of the RAM is large enough to support it. Unlike the sound and graphics cards, the RAM has to be installed separately, even in new computers.

    Another essential component is the Graphic card, the purpose of which is to take data from the central processing unit and transform it  into pictures.  This is a complex process since Its the graphic card that decides how it can create an image from the screen pixels,  where a card with  high capacity therefore being able to create  high quality pictures. Although   new motherboards have built in graphic cards, they don't have sufficient capacity to work with modern applications resulting in the necessity of using an external card through a slot in the motherboard for  better imaging.

    Now that you you have   a basic knowledge about some of the components in your computer and the specific duties they perform, you can look at your own PC  with new eyes and  understand  the extent of advancement in technology that has made it possible
    for us to use computers for almost everything important in our lives.

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